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OpenCart 2.3 is Officially Released. What’s New?

The latest version of the platform rolled out on August 1, 2016 and store owners can now start upgrading their stores. In this post, we will show you what’s new and why you might consider updating your OpenCart installation.


The differences in the OpenCart dashboard are subtle, but they do exist. When you start clicking through the menus, the first obvious difference is the reorganized Extensions section.


This is where things get interesting.

Do you remember that we mentioned the fields aren’t actually missing from the Extensions field? Because they are all located right here.

Every menu that used to be found under Dashboard > Extensions are now in the dropdown menu in the Extension List.

Selecting one of the extension types will open it in the field below the dropdown menu, where Google Analytics are displayed in the screenshot above.

The Action button allows you to Install or Uninstall the module.

Let’s see what you have in the dropdown menu.


However, there is something new in the Extension section – Themes. Select them from the dropdown menu and let’s see how they work.

The Themes field shows the available themes you have in your store, as well as their status. Click the Edit button to see the configuration options.


The settings allow you to enable or disable the theme, as well as modify the specifications for products and images. These configurations can be useful for advanced users who can use them to customize the layout and appearance of their OpenCart store.


This is another new feature in the new OpenCart version. Events are used by extensions to override the default functionality of your store. If you have issues you can disable or enable the events here.


 These event triggers are registered by extensions.


A new menu is introduced in the Reports section – Customer Searches. It allows store owners to track the keywords that customers have used to find the products on the website. The report also features the Found Products, Category, Customer, IP and Date Added.

Summing Up

The new OpenCart 2.3 has made serious progress with the usability of the admin panel. The new way that the Extensions and Layouts work is a step closer to easier store management for the owners of an OpenCart website.

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