Medulla Pty Ltd

Medulla was founded with an objective to strip away the cost and complexity of connecting shop floor equipment to supporting business infrastructure. We’re experts in this field and want to make this capability available to every manufacturer, regardless of size.

Using Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and our decades of hands-on experience developing, installing and applying Manufacturing Execution System (MES) technology, we’ve created a cost-effective cloud-based smart factory platform that reduces manufacturing risk, maximises workflow effectiveness and scales with the business.

An effective MES is a core function of any manufacturing business, but cost and infrastructure requirements make commercial systems inaccessible to most small or medium sized companies. Many adopt spreadsheets or ad-hoc databases instead to manage production workflows and maintain all element of device traceability.

We know how difficult and costly a custom in-house solution can be to maintain. Over time, as production volumes increase or new product lines are introduced, the complexity of these systems grow rather than scale. A lot of time and effort could be saved by installing a capable MES at the start with the first pilot line.

Medulla is manufacturing’s central nervous system.


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