Easy Popup Store Redirector


Can be displayed as a popup with animation or a topbar. Customisable background, underlay and text colors. Optional image can be included.


Not hosted on 3rd party servers, so redirects are highly reliable. Will only be show once per session. Mobile friendy responsive design.

Use Cases

Can be used for redirecting to stores in different countries. Redirecting to stores with related products. Redirecting to partner stores.

About the app

This app adds new functionality to the default Dawn Theme v3.0+ only. (older versions are not supported).

Why Use This Redirector?

  • Do you have multiple stores for each country?
  • Do you have multiple related store for your business?
  • This app will install into all themes without any coding or script placements.
  • It will allow you to add upto 9 different links to redirect to.
  • These links could be to other stores or to special sections in your site e.g Sale page or special promotions page.
  • Colors can be customised directly in the theme customizer so you can see a live preview of what it is going to look like.
  • This topbar / popup will only show once per seccion so it will not irritate your customers, once dismissed it will not show again till the browser is closed.
  • You can use the popup's image to let customers know about a special promotion or for your logo to promote your brand.

Note: This app is hosted on Shopify servers and not 3rd party servers. This improves reliability and gives you the peace of mind knowing it will not disrupt your sales flow.