Auto Latest Product Label v2.3 oCmod


What is does?
When you add a new product to your site a label (*JUST ARRIVED* or whatever text you want to be shown) will be added to the product detail page, the products category page, manufacturers page, search page and the latest products module.

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*NOTE: Unlike other extensions this extension uses the Date Available (can be change in the product data tab on each product), instead of date added so you can change the product market by this label (this is usefull if you dont want an certain product labeled as new).

By default, it will add the *JUST ARRIVED* label to products that are less than a month old but, this can be very easily changed in the xml file see documentation.
⦁ Default – 1 month
⦁ Change to 2 months
⦁ Change to 2 weeks

How to install OC 2.2 and 2.3
⦁ Unzip the provided zip file file on your computer
In Admin goto Extensions > Extension Installer > Upload the .ocmod.xml to the site via the built-in uploader.
⦁ Then goto Modifications and refresh the cache!
⦁ Thats it, it should be installed and working, just check you have new products added.

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